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Executing Effective M&A: Opportunities in Healthcare

Date: May 23, 2017

Healthcare continues to be a contentious and hot topic, with an on-going debate around repealing, replacing and repairing the Affordable HealthCare Act. While the politics is certainly debatable what is not is the fact that the inefficiency in this market creates opportunity.  Merrill’s data observations, based on our dominant market share show that projects in the healthcare sector are up 16% so far this year.

Join us for this complimentary webinar, our esteemed panel comprised of M&A experts will explore how to create an M&A Masterpiece, viewed through the lens of opportunity in the healthcare sector.

Key topics of discussion will include:

  • The Art of the Deal: Identify opportunities in the healthcare market and reasons why deals make sense

  • Timing the Opportunity: What’s happening in Healthcare today that makes “now” the right time?

  • Preparing for Success: Setting up for best outcome, what should healthcare buyers look for; what should sellers do to present valuable attractions

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Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Times: 11 AM ET/ 10 AM CT / 8 AM PT / 4 PM GMT

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