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Merrill Insight™ Video | Healthcare Spotlight: Patent Cliffs, Pricing and Politics

Date: Jun 07, 2018
Time: 10 AM EDT / 3 PM BST
Venue: Webinar

Healthcare often seems to be a monolith – ever-changing and yet somehow the same. Large pharma companies buy up new drugs, medical device and healthcare data businesses promise efficiency revolutions, insurers grind along like tectonic plates shifting across the continent, and hospitals privatize.

But big change is afoot. New regulatory changes are prompting a spate of IPOs on the Hong Kong stock exchange. For the first time, a majority of Americas want public healthcare and the US government may put the screws on drug prices. Disruptive technology giants like Amazon are looking to get their foot in the healthcare door, while new clinic models have become prime private equity hunting ground, with companies like Mednax in the news as takeout targets for Carlyle Group, amongst others.

What’s driving this sector-wide influx of interest and what does the M&A shake-out look like? Please join us June 7 as we discuss the forces behind current healthcare disruption. Topics will include:

  • Rise of new immunotherapy drugs and biosimilars and healthcare market fallout
  • Drivers behind the spate of listings on the Hong Kong stock exchange
  • Private equity interest in behavioral and retail clinic chains
  • Political headwinds and tailwinds, such as US shift in public opinion toward single-payer health system and what the US can learn from EMEA

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