Executing Effective M&A: Opportunities in Oil & Gas

Jul 19, 2017

Oil prices have begun to recover from the heralded collapse of 2014. With this recovery oil and gas companies need to ensure their business models are prepared to manage and benefit. Merrill’s data observations, based on our dominant market share show that projects in the Oil & Gas sector are up +35% so far this year. As shifts in regional opportunities and energy reforms take hold along with new business models and forms of strategic partnerships emerging there is a need to ask and answer the below key questions which will be addressed during our July 19th webinar:

  • Do I have the right business model in place?
  • How can my company develop or acquire new capabilities and in what areas?
  • What types of technology should I invest in?
  • Where do I find the funds to accomplish goals?

Join us on July 19th for this complimentary webinar where our esteemed panel comprised of M&A and Industry professionals will explore how to create an M&A Masterpiece, viewed through the lens of opportunity in the Oil & Gas sector.

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