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Changes to Edgar Passphrase Request Process

On December 13, 2016, the SEC announced an upcoming two-step authentication process for filers requesting to reset a passphrase associated with a CIK. Passphrases are used to update EDGAR filing codes.

A filer’s password must be updated annually. This change affects companies and individuals transmitting their filings to the SEC without the use of a third-party filing agent. As a filing agent, Merrill maintains its codes following SEC standards. Filers who use a filing agent such as Merrill are not impacted by this change.
Once the new process is implemented, when an update to the EDGAR passphrase is requested, the SEC will send an email to the ‘Contact for EDGAR Information, Inquiries and Access Codes’ listed in the EDGAR Company Profile. The email will contain an electronic security token required to complete the passphrase update. If the EDGAR Company Profile does not have a current email contact, then the passphrase update process may be delayed.

What does this mean for the filer?

If EDGAR contact information is not correct in the system, the security token for passphrase resets will not be available to the filer. Significant delays may occur due to manual review of the passphrase update request, which may take more than 48 hours and can affect a filer’s ability to submit their filings in a timely manner. If a filing deadline is missed due to this delay, the SEC will not grant a hardship request for a date adjustment.

What should a filer do?

Filers not using a third-party agent should log on to the EDGAR system and update their contact information now in preparation for this change. Do not wait to update this information.
With this impending change, all filing entities, both companies and individuals, must have an up-to-date email address for the EDGAR contact listed in the EDGAR Company Profile.

Merrill can help review and update your EDGAR Company Profile:

• Email your Merrill contact a list of CIK(s) and CCC(s). Merrill will then provide you with a proof of your current EDGAR Company Profiles.
• Mark your changes and send back to Merrill for updating. We recommend verifying this information immediately.
• If the CIK and CCC are valid, the EDGAR contact email address should be verified prior to requesting a passphrase update in order to ensure the passphrase authentication security token will be sent to the correct contact.

Alternatively, filers can review and update their EDGAR Company Profile by following the above steps HERE. This process requires a valid CIK/Password in order to initially log in to EDGAR.

To learn more about the EDGAR Passphrase Request Process, please connect with us at 866.367.9110 or email




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