Portfolio Management

Identify opportunities before they’re missed while building and enhancing your team’s portfolio management discipline.

Whether fundraising, distributing capital calls and K-1s to investors, or selling or acquiring a company, gain efficiencies and a clear market advantage with Merrill DataSite. The industry’s number-one virtual data room (VDR) delivers a proven, secure solution to enable instant access to deal information with seamless collaboration among your investors, portfolio companies and third parties.

Features & Benefits

Provide fast and secure access to information for potential buyers and third-party participants worldwide with award-winning Merrill DataSite.

  • Faster, extended reach

    Store an unlimited number of native files so that you can securely reach a much larger group of potential investors, faster and with greater efficiency.

  • Streamlined fundraising

    Expedite the capital-raising process by providing prospective investors with your offering memorandum and due diligence documents online, and promptly responding to questions.

  • Primed for opportunity

    By regularly uploading and updating vital information on our file sharing site, you can always be “asset ready” and maximize ROI when presented with an opportunity to divest an asset.

  • Instant document access

    Give your investors real-time access to reports, K-1s, capital calls and other time-sensitive and critical information with our secure file sharing system.

  • More efficient acquisitions

    Merrill DataSite's online storage system is optimized for comprehensive, timely and cost-effective due diligence on portfolio company candidates.

  • Enhanced portfolio management

    Our intuitive index structure allows portfolio company data to be easily updated with regular content submissions, enabling effective benchmarking and goal execution.

  • Real-time investor visibility

    User tracking and reports show what's been viewed, downloaded or printed—down to the page and fraction of a second—helping prove disclosure and gauge investor interest.

  • Better investor engagement

    Our integrated Q&A platform allows you to track and respond to logged investor enquiries. Queries and responses are available for immediate reporting and download.

Merrill Technology

Merrill Datasite

Seize any opportunity to gain a competitive edge by providing instant access to deal information with Merrill's secure file sharing system.

Enhance the value of your assets by conducting secure due diligence, participating in Q&A forums and assessing potential investors based on their activity, all on Merrill DataSite, an intuitive, fully searchable, electronic document management platform.

  • All portfolio structures loaded in less than 30 minutes, using any of 3,000 existing or customized indexes
  • Admin tools to control online file sharing access, set up new users, content, structure, reporting and questions
  • Fully indexed documents with robust search, user tracking and real-time reporting

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