Intellectual Property Management

Find a better way to manage and share your intellectual property while ensuring complete security.

Secure the best possible deal when executing your strategies for licensing, sales or purchases, and technology transfers with our online collaboration platform. Merrill DataSite’s award-winning security allows seamless online file sharing with your partners—from licensing agreements and product development documents to financial information—without risk of compromise.

Features & Benefits

Maximize the potential of your intellectual property by ensuring secure file sharing when an opportunity arises.

  • Prevention of costly litigation

    Secure, user-based access controls reduce risk of loss or theft. From concept gathering to market launch, data is safely stored online and has an electronic history.

  • Effective IP licensing management

    Our online storage platform is ideal for executing in- and out-licensing arrangements with life sciences companies, medical centers, universities and other research institutions.

  • IP purchase or sales support

    Bidders and deal teams can quickly comb through documents and assess critical information needed to efficiently carry out due diligence.

  • Secure technology transfer

    With universities, government entities or contract manufacturers, determine the data they see, download or print, thereby simplifying online collaboration and secure file sharing.

  • Unmatched security

    ISO/IEC 27001 certification, extensive user rights management and watermarking features ensure critical information is 100% secure.

Merrill Technology

Merrill Datasite

Streamline the exchange of business critical information within Merrill’s highly secure file sharing service.

Maintain control of your intellectual property at all stages of your product’s development. With Merrill DataSite, you can securely share documents any time, anywhere, while limiting access to only specified files and individuals.

  • User tracking and real-time reporting on who’s viewed your IP, when and for how long—crucial in litigation
  • Intuitive, web-based file management software with 24/7/365 support
  • ISO/IEC 27001 security certification, tamperproof watermarks and advanced user access permissions

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