Data Warehousing

Gain control of large amounts of critical content, replacing inefficiencies with increased productivity.

Transform your paper and electronic files into a fully searchable and edit-enabled online storage library, quickly and easily with Merrill DataSite. Our secure file sharing repository helps you securely and efficiently store, manage and share large volumes of your sensitive data. Merrill delivers rapid setup, secure document scanning and simple online collaboration to help your business keep moving forward.

Features & Benefits

Optimize your ROI by gaining greater efficiency with Merrill’s smart, secure data warehousing solution.

  • Rapid launch

    Your online file sharing repository can be ready for you to start adding files and users in less than two hours following your kick-off with your Merrill project manager.

  • Fast, secure set-up

    With nearly a billion pages processed, Merrill can conveniently scan, upload and organize thousands of pages for you within hours, at your office or one of ours.

  • Easy document retrieval

    Merrill DataSite automatically builds an index based on the titles of the files you upload. Comprehensive search finds files based on simple terms or complex combinations.

  • Readily customizable repository

    Your Merrill DataSite structure and content are easy to add to, move or change. Tailor an electronic document management library of thousands of documents according to your requirements.

  • Complete control

    Select which users gain access rights at every level—from uploading to viewing, printing and downloading content. Track activity and produce real-time reports for valuable insights.

  • Industry-leading security

    Merrill DataSite's ISO/IEC 27001 certification is the most stringent in the industry, eliminating the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

Merrill Technology

Merrill Datasite

Organize and simplify your most critical business information with Merrill’s award-winning online storage solution.

Gain control of confidential documents—and easily manage and share them—in our smart, secure electronic records management repository. With Merrill DataSite, you’ll eliminate the time and costs associated with manual, paper-driven data management and storage.

  • Large volumes of paper and electronic files are converted, indexed and organized starting day one
  • Assistance scanning and uploading documents
  • Robust search, user tracking and real-time reporting
  • ISO/IEC 27001 security certification, up to 256-bit SSL encryption, advanced user access permissions

Merrill DataSite provides a comprehensive VDR product that is both robust in its functionality and simple in its design. The site is quick and easy to navigate, construct and utilize (either uploading or downloading). In addition, the project managers are readily available to promptly assist with any issue, day or night, and are capable of resolving the most complex problems within limited time parameters.”

McGladrey Capital Markets LLC

Senior Associate

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