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Investment Management Firm Expands Personalized Mailings, Cuts Freight Costs 20%

Feb 20, 2016

The Situation

An investment manager specializing in equities, fixed income, private equity and hedge fund portfolios for global institutions, advisors and individuals sought to enhance and create greater efficiencies in its marketing program and materials available to its sales team.

The firm offered a mix of traditional, black and white, color pieces and brochures. These marketing materials are often personalized and/or customized to target a very specific audience. The firm knew these materials delivered results, and sought to expand this marketing approach to many other products.

Their goals included a streamlined ordering process, quicker production turnaround times, reduced obsolescence and moving production to a digital print platform.

The Challenge

The firm challenged their current vendor to provide a more robust print-on-demand environment. They required the ability to personalize content, along with full-color digital print capabilities for the expanded program. Another requirement for the program was to allow ordering, reporting and compliance/brand controls to be seamlessly integrated into their CRM,®.

The firm had become increasingly distressed about the quality of materials being produced. The current provider was unable to accommodate the technology platform that was required.

The Solution

Needing to make a change, the client shopped their program to several other providers and discovered our solution, Merrill Connect. This technology–enabled marketing portal offered the firm an intuitive ordering platform, which not only integrated into, but was also combined with Merrill’s “integrity manufacturing” print on demand, digital print platform.

Through Merrill’s people, process and technology solution, the firm was pleased with the results. The consultation provided upfront costing, an integrated process and project plan and our proven quality production platform.

Through the Merrill Connect portal, the firm is able to customize and personalize all materials as needed. The orders are then produced by Merrill’s digital print platform, which is a database-driven system that responds to changing market conditions.

The goal to move most marketing materials to print on demand was achieved, reducing obsolescence and dramatically improving turnaround times. Freight costs were also reduced by over 20% using Merrill’s integrated solution and mailing/shipping service.

Merrill’s compliance experts are critical in an industry where regulations are constantly changing and products are continually evolving. The Merrill Connect technology-enabled marketing portal offered the firm the solution their marketing program needed. Today, Merrill provides this solution to more than 30 leading financial service providers.


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