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What does your organization need from a new contract management solution?

Merrill Datasite | February 11, 2015

As a contract management professional, you know that managing contracts effectively is more complicated than it has ever been.  You also now that a new contract management solution could help, but with so many options to consider, choosing the right one can be complicated.

Available solutions range from the low-tech — carefully organized three-ring binders – to the high-tech — fully integrated and installed ERP solutions. Most companies need something in between. But how can you determine which system is right for your organization — and will fulfill all your unique requirements?

To help simplify this complex decision it is important to first understand the key criteria to judge a solution on (for more details see Identifying what you need in a contract management solution).

From there you can begin to outline your organization’s unique requirements within each category.  To help you do this we have created a complimentary tool, Contract Management Requirements Guide, which reviews each criteria and walks you through a series of questions about your organization and its processes. Download it now to determine which solution is right for you.

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