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Understanding security and contract management systems

Amanda Spence | April 20, 2015

Are you considering a new contract management system? With security breaches making headlines around the globe, it is important to evaluate each potential vendor’s security program and determine whether it aligns with your own company’s requirements.

When addressing security for contract management solutions, it is important to understand there is a trade-off between risk and accessibility of contracts. Contract data require a high level of security yet access to the information is necessary to make it useful. Understanding how to balance risk and accessibility lies at the core of a decision to choose a contract management solution.

When considering the right solution, you’ll need to:

  • Identify the access needs of your company
  • Work with vendors to determine capabilities
  • Work with IT to assess vendor capabilities
  • Engage in detailed review with IT

To help you through the process of analyzing your company’s security needs and evaluating vendors for contract management solutions, download our complimentary white paper, Assessing contract management systems.

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