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New EDGAR Authentication Process Effective January 30, 2017

Lou Rohman, Vice President, XBRL Services, Merrill Corporation | January 24, 2017

Effective on January 30, 2017, the SEC has implemented an enhanced authentication process when EDGAR filers request a passphrase update. What are EDGAR passphrases? They are used to update EDGAR filing codes and may need to be updated if misplaced, or if a registrant wants to keep filing codes confidential in connection with employee reassignments.

New EDGAR authentication process Lou Rohman Blog

Click here for the SEC Announcement – “Changes to EDGAR Passphrase Update

Passphrase update requirements

Upon implementation of the new authentication process, if a registrant’s EDGAR profile does not contain an accurate email address, the registrant will need to provide authorization to reset the passphrase. The SEC will then review the request and may delay the passphrase reset up to 48 hours. This may impact a filing deadline if filing codes (either the password or CCC) are out-of-date. Due to this change, it is imperative that all SEC filing entities maintain a current email address in their EDGAR profile. It’s highly recommended to verify this information as soon as possible.

Updating an EDGAR profile

Filers can review and update their EDGAR profile on-line by following the steps in Merrill’s EDGAR resources guide. Alternatively, a filer can contact a Merrill Service Team member who will provide the filer’s current EDGAR profile(s) based on current CIK(s) and CCC(s). From that point, it’s as simple as marking any changes and sending back to Merrill for updating.

Updating an EDGAR profile can be simple and easy with the right help.

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