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Negotiating your way to a better contract management solution

Merrill Datasite | January 15, 2015

Change is never easy. Organizations have their own established way of doing things and are set up to maintain that status quo – even when it is not the best way to get the work done and meet company objectives.

You’ve probably heard the old saying which describes the mindset in most organizations, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” It is easier to deal with something familiar, even when it’s not ideal, than to take a risk with an unknown.

That is why it is often difficult for contract managers who advocate for new contract management solution to convince decision makers that change is truly needed. To break through the status quo, you first must do several crucial things:

  • Identify and profile key stakeholders. What is their role, their business objectives and their challenges within the organization?
  • Identify the stakeholders’ status quo. Why are those individuals reluctant to change?
  • Identify the frame of reference. There are five frames of reference that apply in nearly every organization.

To help you master these dynamics and navigate your organization, Merrill DataSite, in partnership with Commercial Contracting Coach Jeanette Nyden, J.D., has developed a three-part webinar series titled, “Turning a potential no into a yes.”

Register for the first session now to take the next step toward becoming an expert negotiator.

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