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Merrill’s Commitment to the Capital Markets Sector (Part 2)

Axel Kirstetter, VP Product Marketing, Merrill Corporation | March 22, 2017

Following my December post on Merrill’s commitment to the capital markets sector, recent events have prompted me to reiterate its importance.  PR Newswire, a public relations technology and services firm, has divested Vintage, its financial printing and compliance business. The assets ended up with Toppan Vite, a subsidiary of a large Japanese printing conglomerate.

Merrill's Commitment to the Capital Markets Sector- Axel Kirstetter Blog


At Merrill Corporation, we feel this divestiture validates our own go-to-market strategy. First, it’s clear that the businesses of providing public relations services and supporting high–value regulatory transactions side–by–side are not particularly complimentary. Perhaps more importantly, the transaction shows the market expects a single provider to combine due-diligence, strategic transaction and regulatory services into a single, lifecycle-centric approach.  This is where a company like Merrill stands apart, bringing decades of hard-earned trust and experience to the table, as well as its active participation in standard setting entities.

On the services side, clients always give Merrill top marks for our above–and–beyond customer care, including our modern and spacious facilities, highly qualified service technicians and best-in-class, state–of–the–art technology. We continuously invest in these areas to meet the expanding needs of today’s evolving markets.

Finally, today’s complex transactions require a truly global footprint. Merrill’s clients get the benefit of continuous service and support, no matter where they are or at what time they need to reach us. We are tied into the global capital markets transaction community, giving us — and our clients — access to global best practices. For our clients based in Asia-Pacific — where Merrill is the number one destination for IPOs in Hong Kong and South-East Asia — this includes ready access to London and New York markets.

Back in December, I emphasized how well Merrill is doing. This statement is even more valid today. 2016 was one of the most successful years for our compliance services.  We are growing — with more than 40 openings at Merrill right now in all parts of the business.  As a result, our worldwide operations - including Asia Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas — have seen an influx of interest.

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