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Merrill’s Commitment to the Capital Markets Sector

Axel Kirstetter, VP Product Marketing, Merrill Corporation | December 08, 2016

Something strange happened on Tuesday.  Just as my colleague Richard Martin began moderating a panel on our very well-attended webinar on “The Impact of Current Geopolitical Events on M&A”, a telecommunications company announced that it’s buying a leading virtual data room (VDR) provider. No, it wasn’t Merrill, but one of our leading competitors! 

Merrill's Commintment to the Capital Markets Sector - Axel Kirstetter Blog

We were all surprised by this news, but in truth we probably shouldn’t have been.  The industry that we’re in – the secure sharing of sensitive data – is in the middle of some major changes.  There’s a lot of consolidation as companies expand their capabilities and absorb the high costs of infrastructure investment.  Consumer-grade companies are trying to get in the secure sharing game but, as recent data breaches demonstrate, they’re having mixed success. 

It’s ironic that there’s now uncertainty in our industry, whose success depends on providing certainty to clients.  They need to be certain that their data’s going to be handled exactly as they need, that their information is totally secure, and that experts are there for them 24/7/365. 

Which is why I’m happy to be at Merrill Corporation right now.   Our brand stands for four things: forward-looking technology, ironclad security, unmatched service and unparalleled expertise. With our Merrill DataSite VDR, we are laser-focused on clients, whether they are from the advisory channel, like lawyers and bankers, or from the finance and corporate development departments within enterprises. 

As a matter of fact, we’re in a fantastic place.  Merrill is investing in our clients’ success.  We have a multi-million dollar investment program into our platform, infrastructure, operational processes, facilities and client service experience. Users of Merrill DataSite are rewarding us with adjacent work in our other capital markets business lines.  We are surpassing our own growth targets. We’re hiring in many different areas and regularly posting new openings on our Twitter account.

In short, clients can have the certainty of Merrill’s commitment to the capital markets industry and to their success.  We can be contacted here.

 Axel Kirstetter, VP Product Marketing

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