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Gary Iverson, 508 Accessibility Senior Manager | October 06, 2017

Congratulations, you successfully made it through the September 30th deadline!  So, take a quick breather, recharge and relax. Take in that football, soccer or cross country event, teacher conferences, parent weekend, or if you are lucky enough to be living up north, grab a camera and take in the beauty of nature and the fall colors. 

Then a quick reminder to jump back in to ensure that the rest of your marketing and support materials are complete. 

Focus on your 508-accessibility plan and execute the details. Are your Riders, Prescription Drug Benefit Manual, Comprehensive Formulary or Abridged Formulary, Pharmacy Directory, Provider Directory, etc. all updated?  Have you completed 508 remediation for these documents prior to posting? 

How about your ancillary documents?  Health and wellness prevention information, Newsletters, Member Handbooks, product catalogs, and other miscellaneous brochures. Have you completed 508 remediation prior to posting on your website? 

You might already have a solid 508 PDF foundation to work from, if so, you’re ahead of many other health plans.  I thought I’d include a quick tip on how to do a quick check if your documents are 508 accessible and what manual remediation means. Click here to access quick tip

Do you have the right lens on? 

Don’t forget to view your programs from a wide angle and start to establish next year’s budget. Look to Merrill when composing your strategy, establishing your partners and collaborating for your professional healthcare support.  Email us at

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