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Listing on the HKSE - fad or future?

Abby Roberts, Director of Merrill Insight™ | July 03, 2018

What you need to know about the new Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing requirements

Is it a trend? A fad? A model for the future? In recent months, numerous US-based and Chinese companies have begun considering a listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange - the third-busiest exchange for IPOs in the world.

Spurred by the Exchange’s recent loosening of listing criteria after about 25 years of no significant changes, filers are looking at Hong Kong with new interest. During our recent Merrill Insight™ Video | Healthcare Spotlight, Kimberly Ha, Founder and CEO of KKH Advisors, weighed in on the buzz.

Listen to this 3-minute clip and learn a bit more about what's going on with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today.

To explore how the biotech sector sets to thrive amid regulator and listing changes in China and Hong Kong, download the white paper Chasing the Next Biotech Unicorn.

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