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Merrill Insurance Document Services News December 2016

| December 09, 2016

Welcome to Merrill’s Insurance Document Services News, a quarterly summary of NAIC calls and meetings. The Merrill Insurance Document Services Team has partnered with StoneRiver Financial and Compliance to keep you informed of important developments from the many NAIC calls and meetings. Generally, we will be reporting on items of a statutory accounting and reporting nature, but will also cover other information that may impact your quarterly or annual filing.

Merrill Insurance Newsletter 2016

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In this issue:

  • Year End Checklist
  • Elimination of Class 1 Money Market Mutual Funds (MMFs)
  • on Schedule DA – Part 1 13
  • Valuation of Securities Task Force (VOSTF) Items Adopted this Year 14
  • Salvage and Subrogation Reporting Changes 14
  • Principles Based Reserving (PBR) Implementation 1/1/2017 15
  • Watch Out for These 2017 Accounting Changes 15
  • November NAIC Conference Calls
  • and more!

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