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Getting buy in for a new contract management solution is no easy task

Merrill Datasite | January 21, 2015

Before you make your case for a new and better contract management system, it is important to understand the dynamics your situation.

According to sales experts:

  1. It takes a minimum of 4 people to make a decision to buy.
  2. Decision makers will not go out on a limb without stakeholder consensus; no decision is preferable to one that is not agreed on by the right people.

With these two components of decision making potentially working against you, it is essential to understand the key stakeholders involved in purchasing a new contract management solution. You also need to understand who in that group wields the power. Remember:

  • Many people say can say “no” to your proposal.
  • However, typically only one has the power to say “yes.”

To help you identify who your key stakeholders are, as well as how to craft a persuasive argument, Merrill DataSite, in partnership with Commercial Contracting Coach Jeanette Nyden, J.D., has developed a three-part webinar series titled, “Turning a potential no into a yes.”

Register for the first session now to take the next step toward becoming an expert negotiator.

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