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Focus on German Mid-Market: Beyond Capital Partners Interview

Christoph D. Kauter, Founder/Managing Partner of Beyond Capital Partners | May 12, 2017

Q&A with Christoph D. Kauter

Christoph D. Kauter - Beyond Capital Partners
Following our recent webinar focusing the DACH Region, we have caught up with Christoph D. Kauter, who took part in our panel, to share some of his thoughts and insights on the event and the German Market.

1: What is your role?
I am the Managing Partner and Founder of Beyond Capital Partners, a Private Equity investor focusing on the acquisition of majorities of profitable SME´s in the DACH region. I am responsible for all aspects of investment process, from strategy to financing and transactions both during the acquisition and disposal process as well as the development and future growth strategy of the portfolio companies.

2: What interested you in the topic brought by Merrill for this event and you thought you would be able to bring to the table?
This topic is quite hot at the moment. There is a growing interest from national and international PE investors for the German PE market and as a long-time investor at the lower end of the mid-market, I thought my background and experience in this sector along with my expertise in generating and concluding successful deals would bring an interesting know-how for the audience.

3: What did you take away from the conversation?
PE is becoming the flavour of investors in Alternative Investments; deep pockets standalone is not always impacting the final decision when considering a transaction; operational excellence and a thorough understanding of the vendor´s needs and the targets prospective future path are also essential. Besides, the lower end of the mid-cap market seems to get more attention from other sponsors but still leaves tremendous amount of potential acquisition targets.

4: Something we did not have the chance to discuss last week: do you find an increasing competition from foreign funds entering Germany?
Where we focus at Beyond Capital Partners, this is not something we would not notice this. However, this might be the case since most foreign funds have to invest larger minimum equity tickets and hence rather compete with the regular mid-market funds.

5: Reasons for optimism?
The general (macro-) environment leaves room for a good year. History shows that economic crises are regular events and reinforces the need for clear investment ethos to allow for ongoing growth.

Listen to the full discussion in our webinar playback here.
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