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Evaluating contract management security by identifying your company’s access needs

Merrill Datasite | April 24, 2015

Recent data breaches of large companies are shining a light on the issue of security, and in the world of contract management — where the data at stake is highly critical — the security of your contract management system is crucial.

But the trade-off between risk and accessibility in contract management has become a high-wire balancing act. To fully eliminate risk, the data would need to be completely inaccessible. Yet timely access to mission-critical contract data is necessary. Therefore, choosing a contract management solution lies in understanding how to strike a balance between risk and accessibility.

There are four steps to achieve alignment, and the first is to identify the access needs of your company. Security decisions are directly influenced by who needs access to the system and why. Identifying the roles within your company, and how each user will handle the data within the system, is your first step out onto the high wire.

Don’t walk out there without a net, though. Clarify your needs by creating a table that determines which role within your company may need access, the type of access they require, and the number of people in this role.

For further guidance, or a template of the table, download our complimentary white paper, Assessing Security in Contract Management Systems.

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