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Evaluating contract management security by conducting a detailed review with IT

Amanda Spence | May 06, 2015

In this concluding post regarding the accessibility of contract management systems, and the process in which to screen and evaluate potential investors, we will discuss the final step in a four-step process to achieving alignment: conducting a detailed review of potential vendors with your IT team.

Before we do, though, here’s a brief overview of the previous three steps in the process:

Step One: Identify Your Companys Access Needs

Step Two: Pre-Screen Vendors

Step Three: Assess Vendor Capabilities with Your Information Technology Team

The final step, then, is to meet together with IT and the selected vendors. This will afford you the opportunity to ask additional questions and, if necessary, receive clarification on their previous responses.

This is an important meeting for your IT team, as they will decide whether or not the vendor meets their security requirements. If the alignment between IT and the vendor is high, the decision is easy. However, the larger the gap, the larger the risks and vulnerabilities.

Once you’ve determined the level of alignment with IT, more effort can be focused on making a decision about security, risk, and assessment.

In conclusion, the balance between risk and accessibility is critical for every balance. To successfully traverse this delicate high-wire act by aligning your potential vendors with your IT team, the chance for a successful contract management solution increases.

For further guidance, or a complete overview of the four-step process discussed within this and the preceding posts, download our complimentary white paper, Assessing Security in Contract Management Systems.

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