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Evaluating contract management security by assessing vendor capabilities with your information technology (IT) department

Merrill Datasite | May 01, 2015

In our recent string of blog posts, we’ve been discussing security breaches, and how they affect the security protocol in regards to a contract management system. This conversation led to the introduction of a four-step process necessary for business leaders to navigate and simplify the complex relationship between risk and accessibility.

For more information on the first two steps in the process, see Identifying Your Company’s Access Needs and Determining Vendor Capabilities.

The third step in this process is to work with your IT department to assess the capabilities of potential vendors.

Once you’ve gathered the responses from the survey conducted in step two, meet with your IT team to assess each potential vendor. During this process, it’s important to not only review the vendor’s responses, but also to share with IT the list of access requirements you have for both your team and end users. The IT department will then use this combination of information to determine the policies and procedures that apply to your contract management system.

The ideal outcome of this meeting should identify vendors whose security policies and procedures align with your company’s. From there, you’ll be able to select candidates who meet your functional needs, and meet with IT to further discuss technical and security approval.

For further guidance, or a comprehensive discussion of the four-step process, download our complimentary white paper, Assessing Security in Contract Management Systems.

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