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Merlin Piscitelli, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation | June 28, 2017


Video Transcript

Hi my name is Merlin Piscitelli, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation. At Merrill, we are involved at some of the earliest stages of the deal process, and last year in EMEA we supported over 3,000 M&A deals across all sectors and values. We are happy to report that, despite significantly lower announced M&A volumes, across Europe Merrill has seen growth in projects so far this year compared to 2016. What’s more, our pipeline is up over 25 percent year on year.

Turkey as a market been troubled through 2016, however there have been some more positive signs coming out of the market in 2017.

2016 was a poor year for M&A in Turkey, as the country was impacted by political problems. Historically, the market had a good run from 2010 to 2015, with the value of the M&A market staying over €10bn, compared to €3.3bn in 2015. The value of activity in Q1 2017 has already almost reached this level, as the year has seen several high-profile deals, especially in the Energy and Financial sectors. Indicators are that 2017 could be a good year for M&A, with built up demand from 2016. Although there are still uncertainties about the economic and political stability within Turkey.

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