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Discover what’s next for M&A in Turkey.

Merlin Piscitelli, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation | August 02, 2017

Get the Merrill perspective on deal activity, volumes and value for the region.

Turkish M and A facts

Download my infographic above here. Watch my video on current trends in Turkish M&A here.

Despite significantly lower announced M&A volumes across Europe, according to Merrill’s proprietary data, we’ve seen growth in projects so far this year compared to 2016. What’s more, our pipeline is up over 25 percent year on year.

The Turkish market has been troubled through 2016, however 2017 began with more reasons to be positive. 2016 was a poor year for M&A in Turkey, as political instability affected the country’s economy. Looking back, the market had a good run from 2010 to 2015, with the value of the M&A market staying over €10bn, compared to €3.3bn in 2015.

Turkey deal values and volumes

The value of activity in Q1 2017 reached this level, as the year kicked off with several high-profile deals, especially in the Energy and Financial sectors. 2017 has proven a good year for M&A so far, with pent up demand from 2016. Although there are still uncertainties about the economic and political stability within Turkey.

Key positive trends for Turkish deal making:

• Deal value in Q1 2017 ended on an extreme high with US$3762m in deal value, versus Q1 2016 US$161m, and Q1 2015 coming in at US$800m

• Deal value in the Energy sector for H1 2017 soared to heights well above H1 2016 levels, with this year seeing US$1,984m compared to just US$14m for the same time last year

• The Consumer sectors drew deal value at US$1,148m this year, compared to just US$238m in H1 2016

• Financial Services was another year on year winner in H1 2017, with deals totalling US $917m compared to US$347m in H1 2016

Download my infographic above here. Watch my video on current trends in Turkish M&A here.

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*Merrill sector breakdown
Energy: Energy, Mining Energy, Utilities (other). Industrials: Chemicals and materials. Industrial products and services, Industrial automation, Industrial: Electronics and Manufacturing (other). Consumer: Consumer: Retail, Consumer: Foods, Consumer: Other. Medical: Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical. Financial Services. Business Services: Services (other). Technology: Computer software, Computer: Semiconductors, Telecommunications: Carriers, Computer services, Computer: Hardware, Telecommunications: Hardware. Other: Real Estate, Leisure, Media, Transportation, Construction, Internet / ecommerce, Automotive, Agriculture, Defence, Other.


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