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Discover what’s next for M&A in EMEA.

Mike Hinchliffe, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation and Merlin Piscitelli, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation | August 04, 2017

Get the Merrill perspective on deal activity, volumes and value for the region.


Download the infographic above here.

Despite significantly lower announced M&A volumes across Europe, according to Merrill’s proprietary data, we’ve seen growth in projects so far this year compared to 2016. What’s more, our pipeline is up over 25 percent year on year. Last year we supported over 3,000 M&A deals in EMEA covering all sectors and values.

According to Mergermarket, across EMEA, Europe had the second-largest deal value at US$481.9bn, accounting for 32.3% of the global total in H1 and a 30% increase from 2016. European M&A activity in H1 2017 accounted for 32% of the global YTD activity with 3,091 deals worth US$481.9bn, the highest H1 share since 2013 (33.5%). Increased confidence and an GDP annual growth rate approaching 2%, European M&A activity appears to be driving forward, compared to previous years. Yet, low European interest rates may produce inorganic growth for companies relying on short-term borrowing.

The Middle East & Africa (MEA) region recorded US$38.4bn deal value in H1 2017 - an increase of 12.7% from H1 2016 and the highest YTD figure on Mergermarket record, since 2001. This is largely due to a strong Q1 when nine of the top 10 deals took place in the Middle East. African M&A for H1 2017 is currently down 26.2% (US$13bn) from H1 2016 (US$17.6bn), which has registered 79 deals worth a combined US$25.4bn – still up 54.4% by deal value from H1 2016. Resultantly the Middle East accounts for the record deal value.

Key positive trends for EMEA deal making:

• Deal value by sector in EMEA totalled $522.7bn in H1 2017
• Energy, Medical, Consumer, Industrials have been the key sectors, with combined value totalling $276.8bn
• In H1, Energy, Consumer, Medical, Financial Services and Business Services have seen a year-on-year increase win versus H1 2016

Download the infographic above here.

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Credit: Data Source -
*Merrill sector breakdown
Energy: Energy, Mining Energy, Utilities (other). Industrials: Chemicals and materials. Industrial products and services, Industrial automation, Industrial: Electronics and Manufacturing (other). Consumer: Consumer: Retail, Consumer: Foods, Consumer: Other. Medical: Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical. Financial Services. Business Services: Services (other). Technology: Computer software, Computer: Semiconductors, Telecommunications: Carriers, Computer services, Computer: Hardware, Telecommunications: Hardware. Other: Real Estate, Leisure, Media, Transportation, Construction, Internet / ecommerce, Automotive, Agriculture, Defence, Other.


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