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Mike Hinchliffe, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation | July 26, 2017


Video Transcript

Hi my name is Mike Hinchliffe, Head of Sales, Merrill Corporation. At Merrill, we are involved at some of the earliest stages of the deal process, and last year in EMEA we supported over 3,000 M&A deals across all sectors and values. We are happy to report that, despite significantly lower announced M&A volumes, across Europe Merrill has seen growth in projects so far this year compared to 2016. What’s more, our pipeline is up over 25 percent year on year.

Our partners at Mergermarket reported that the CEE region had a mixed start to the year, with deal value increasing by 27% to €3.9 billion. However, the volume of deals in the region fell from 139 Q1 2016 to 91 this year. There have been fewer deals so far this year, but the average value has increased. The largest sector was the consumer sector, perhaps driven by some of the booming economies in the region.

The Czech Republic is one of the rising star economies in the CEE region. It is characterised with a strong pipeline of M&A and rising confidence. With its M&A market seeing a 58% increase by value in Q1 this year versus the same time last year. This is off the back of a 153% increase by value for 2016 over 2015. Although this is partially driven by larger deals in the region, as the corresponding increase in volume was only 20%.

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