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Before you negotiate – understand your audience

Merrill Datasite | February 06, 2015

Are you trying to make the case for investment in a new contract management system? It may be clear to you that it’s time for a better solution. But to build a compelling case that convinces key decision-makers, you first need to understand their primary motivation – and what will move you from the status quo ‘no’ to yes.

Who is the person with the power to say “yes”? Who influences that person? And how will you tailor your messages to make them  more attractive to each stakeholder?

To help you answer those questions and successfully make your case, Merrill Corporation has partnered with Jeanette Nyden, J.D., to develop a three-part webinar series.  In the second installment of the series, Jeanette will focus on:

  • Identifying the five frames of reference
  • Building a persuasive argument
  • Explaining how to craft powerful answers to stakeholder questions

Once you understand each stakeholder’s frame of reference, you can target your message to their primary objectives – making your message more attractive and compelling to them, and ultimately getting you the “yes” you need to move forward.

Are you ready to become a master negotiator? Register now. Missed the first installment? Don’t worry, you can watch the replay.

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