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Are you ready to make the case for smarter contract management?

Merrill Datasite | March 18, 2015

As a contract management professional, you understand how your organization will benefit from a new and more effective way of managing contracts. Now, it’s time to make the case to senior management. Yes, there will be lots of discussion about the up-front costs of implementing a new system.

However,there is a more important piece to the equation. How will a new system add value to the organization – and help it achieve its business goals?

To successfully make the case for investment in a new system, you’ll need to demonstrate its long-term value. To help you do this, Merrill Corporation partnered with Jeanette Nyden to develop a webinar series, Turning a Potential No into a Definite Yes.

In the third and final webinar of the series, you’ll learn the four types of value and how they relate to contract management and your organization:

  • Decreased costs
  • Decreased risks
  • Increased benefits
  • Increased opportunities

You’ll also learn how to assess which type of value is driving decisions within your organization and how to target your message to make it more attractive to key stakeholders. Discussion will include:

  • How to quantify increased benefits of better contract management
  • How to spell out the value to your organization

The webinars were designed as a three-part series, but even if you haven’t registered for all three, you’ll still find beneficial material that will help you build a compelling case for better contract management. Take the final step toward getting the new system you need to succeed. Register now.

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