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AHIP Webinar 2017

| March 28, 2017

Are you struggling with your mandated member communications? Do you start over every year? Scramble with last minute regulatory changes? Anxious you’ll miss delivery dates?

You’re not alone. Good news is there’s a better way! We’ll show you how you can produce mandated member communications that are scalable and repeatable with content management and dynamic publishing solutions. Each year, health insurance plans struggle to produce their mandated member communications efficiently and accurately. This time-consuming process is a persistent pain point – straining internal resources and starting over every year which leads to significant staffing costs and high burn out rates.

Watch this Webinar!

We’ll walk through 8 best practices of a highly-optimized member communications solution. These best practices will ensure health plans are investing less time and producing more accurate, more consistent and on-time Benefit summaries, Summary of Benefits, Annual Notice of Change, Evidence of Coverage, Directories and other mandated communications.

You’ll also learn how to:

- Generate mandated member communications faster
- Reduce model document templates and simplify document proofing
- Simplify year-over-year changes
- Minimize review cycles
- Ensure accuracy and mitigate delivery risks
- Drive operation efficiencies, cost savings and increased ROI

Watch this Webinar!

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