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CAUTION: 508 grace period ending. Compliance effective January 18, 2018.

Gary Iverson | 508 Accessibility Senior Manager | December 19, 2017

The grace period for the Refresh 508 regulation that impacts Federally Funded programs will end on January 18, 2018. All websites and the documents posted to them must be compliant -- and compliance will be enforced.

Are you prepared?

Wise leaders focus on actions that move their initiatives forward. These actions can involve innovative thinking, tapping into new market trends or hitting the re-set button. Wherever your company fits in, 508 accessibility needs to be a part of your strategy.

The impending deadline needs both a strategy on accessibility and a tactical approach to implement a program. This is where Merrill can be a valuable resource for you. The question of “if” the files need to be 508 compliant is no longer a choice. The choice is who will make them compliant.

508 compliance grace period

What exactly does the regulation state?

E202.2 Legacy ICT. Any component or portion of existing ICT that complies with an earlier standard issued pursuant to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (as republished in Appendix D), and that has not been altered on or after January 18, 2018, shall not be required to be modified to conform to the Revised 508 Standards.

Enforcement is for existing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that has been procured, maintained or used on or before January 18, 2018.

This means that documents posted prior to that date are grandfathered in. Unless you revise, edit or repost documents, you are allowed to leave the legacy files "as is."

Your company will need to weigh the business decision to align your accessibility strategy for your customers’ benefit to the regulation. In other words, your strategy to provide accessibility to all of your member communications may be more important than checking the box that you comply.

How can Merrill Corporation help?

Expertise and knowledge. Merrill’s experience in the healthcare industry provides us the ability to leverage our knowledge and proven integrated technology to meet the changing needs of the market and adapt to regulatory requirements. We have been supporting 508 accessibility since 2011 and have adapted and refined our processes as regulations have evolved.

Large volume or small, we can help you put a 508 compliance plan in place.

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