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Career Quiz: What Future is Right for You?

Banker. Lawyer. Consultant. Chances are, if you’re in one of these professions, you’ve been on a one-way career track since college. But the path ahead is branching out and you have some choices to make. There’s probably also that little voice in your head asking, “Is this the right route to take at all?”

By answering these 10 personality questions, you can gain insight into what which financial career path you might enjoy most. It takes less than five minutes to complete and there are no right or wrong answers. 

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When I'm given a big project, the first thing I do is:

When up against a deadline, I like to:

When making a decision, I prefer to:

When it comes to relationships, I prefer to:

If you asked my coworkers to describe me, they would say I'm:

When evaluating what do to in a work situation, I like to:

What's most important when thinking strategically?

When communicating with peers, I believe:

When making a decision about my career, I prefer to:

My friends would describe me as:

Congratulations! You are a Managing Director at a Bank

As a person who has the ability to set up -- and stick to -- long-term goals, you would thrive in a leadership role within a bank. While you tend to put your head down in your work, you are confident, trustworthy, and independent. You won’t tolerate people not pulling their weight and are best-suited to lead long-range projects.

Congratulations! You work at a Private Equity Firm

Seeing things to completion is a hallmark of private equity professionals, whether it be a LBO or fundraising. Strong-willed, you defend your ideas and principles relentlessly, and are committed to seeing every project through. Straightforward and honest, you have no problem communicating with investors and company management (even when the news is bad). 

Congratulations! You are a Venture Capitalist

You are an observant and highly social person, which makes you a natural fit for the freewheeling nature of venture capital. Your flexibility and drive are true assets in high-stress situations and mean you can tackle most problems as they arise. You are not afraid of taking risks and thrive on challenge.

Congratulations! You Work at a Company

Your analytical and adaptable mind makes you a great fit for a corporate role, most likely as an analyst. You seek out a practical explanation for everything and can easily spot patterns and problems. You may have the tendency to hit the ground running with unformed ideas, so thrive best inside an established workflow.

Congratulations! You are an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are renowned for being knowledgeable, honest, and great problem solvers. You possess strong leadership skills and can marshal teams around shared values and goals. Your ability to think strategically and maintain your long-term focus gives you an advantage in leading startups through adversity.

Congratulations! You are a M&A Partner at a Law Firm

You enjoy having guidelines to follow, and function well when deploying a playbook. Although you may be seen as quiet, you are responsible and loyal. Working in M&A, you can put your observational and organizational skills to work for your clients. Your fact-based mind helps you to navigate every deal properly and efficiently.

Congratulations! You No Longer Work in Financial Services

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is critical to a successful, happy work life. Your personality may not be a great fit for a job in finance—but you likely already knew that. Here's your chance to think about what you envision for the next phase of your career. Marketing? IT? Your options are endless. 

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