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GDPR’s impact on Global M&A – Infographic

November 7, 2017

The issue of  compliance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can seem increasingly complex as the regulation is designed to be far-reaching and non-compliance can result in significant penalties. A recent PwC survey found that as part of their plans to reduce their exposure to the GDPR, “32 percent of US respondents plan to reduce their European presence, and 26% plan to exit the EU market altogether.” *

Heightened awareness of GDPR was at the heart of a recent Merrill Corporation webinar focused on the regulation and its expected impact on global M&A activity. During this webinar, we surveyed participants for their thoughts and insights on this topic. Download this infographic below to see the results.   

*Pulse Survey: US Companies ramping up General Data Protection Regulation budgets

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