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Kendrew Yu, Merrill Corporation | January 25, 2018

Apart from the marriage of the two words “finance” and “technology”, what does FinTech really entail? The buzzword has been making headlines as you and I can see, and it would usually translate into positive prospects and thus growing valuations when enterprises engage in the FinTech ecosystem.

Yet to many, it is still an insurmountable task to look beyond the word and scope out elements that would succinctly define FinTech.

In a recent paper published by the CFA Institute Research Foundation[1], FinTech is delineated into five key areas encompassing finance and investment, internal operations and risk management, payments and infrastructure, data security and monetization, and consumer interfaces.

To incumbent financial firms, the buzzword could mean leveraging innovative technology to harness business efficiency and enhance customer experience. To up-and-coming start-ups, FinTech could imply the opportunity to disrupt traditional models that were once dominated by the big brothers.

Across the diverse markets in Asia with varying financial needs and stages of market maturity, the challenge of defining “FinTech” succinctly becomes even more incomprehensible.

In China, due to the inefficiency in banking system, FinTech points to e-commerce and banking services through the smartphone at your fingertips. Japanese start-ups are disrupting traditional business models to innovate FinTech solutions to meet payments and financial services needs of retail customers, small businesses and large corporations. FinTech startups in Singapore are realizing their ambitions by making to the SGX listing. The list can go on, amid the diverse market spectrum in Asia.

Merrill recently partnered with Money20/20, which is launching its inaugural Asia edition in Singapore. I am looking forward to discovering how the agenda and speakers will continue to shed light on the region’s unique Fintech opportunities, connect businesses that disrupt and challenge how consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. These topics promise to provide an intense three days of networking, learning and business savvy – making it an optimal event to help attendees stay ahead of the curve and discover bright spots in the convoluted world of Asia FinTech.

Together with Money20/20, Merrill is excited to extend a partner discount of US$250 off the ticket listing price for those using the promotion code 18MC. I encourage you to join me at this event, where innovation and the future of money meet.

Money20/20 Asia

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13-15 March 2018

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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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[1] “FinTech and RegTech in a Nutshell, and the Future in a Sandbox”, published by CFA Institute Research Foundation, August 2017.