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Real Estate Marketing

The leading provider of marketing products to residential real estate agents

key benefits

  • Create your personal brand
  • Initiate and improve prospecting results
  • Keep the attention of customers long after closing
  • Promote properties in ways that generate favorable results

Residential real estate agents want affordable and fast-to-implement solutions to marketing themselves and their properties. Who can get you started and keep you current without overspending or taking too long?

Merrill’s Realty Services Group is the leading provider of marketing materials and programs to the residential real estate market. With 40 years of real estate experience, Merrill provides everything you need to successfully market yourself and your listings.

Personal Promotion
Creating your own brand requires a vision, strategy and trusted partner to build your supporting tools. Merrill helps you stand out in your market with a core group of promotional products that position you for long-term success.

Networking, community service and a marketing program are fundamental to successful prospecting. The professionals at Merrill connect you with the widest selection of prospecting tools and the means to produce the materials that best suit your needs.

Staying In Touch
The most successful agents nurture an ongoing print campaign to keep their personal brand working for them in the marketplace. Merrill will help you plan and execute an annual campaign and take advantage of new opportunities with turnkey programs.

Property Marketing
When you need to promote a property and want industry best practices, call on Merrill. Our professionals will get the strategy in place and materials out quickly to generate the favorable response so important to your business.


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