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Print and Fulfillment Services

Effective e-marketing tools for your franchisees

Managing you company’s orders for your marketing and sales materials can be time-consuming and costly. You need to be able to fulfill orders quickly, accurately and as cost effectively as possible.

Merrill is the dedicated partner that can accomplish these goals for you.

Merrill’s complete inventory management delivers an integrated, single-source solution for all your inventory needs. From design and printing, to warehousing, fulfillment and distribution, our solution eliminates errors and increases fluidity.

Merrill’s seven full service print and fulfillment facilities, which are strategically located across the country, are uniquely equipped to handle print and fulfillment projects of any size.

Printing: Merrill’s award winning commercial printing capabilities include full color print production, typesetting, pre-press, bindery, die-cutting, foil-embossing, flat-stamping, imprinting and packaging.

Merrill also offers digital printing solutions, including digital pre-press, printing and electronic content management to support target marketing, increase speed to market, and reduce obsolescence and inventory-carrying costs.

Whenever practical we utilize our print-on-demand capabilities. Through analysis and expertise, we integrate digital solutions with traditional production and distribution, choosing the best printing method for your particular application while streamlining production, reducing waste and lowering cost.

Fulfillment: Fulfillment – Merrill’s industry leading fulfillment service boasts an overall accuracy rate for orders going out correctly, on time and to the correct destination 99.6% of the time.  Merrill's industry leading bar-coding, scanning and radio frequency terminals provide the highest level of accuracy possible. Merrill was recently rated best in class for accuracy and timeliness by the National Quality Review.

Merrill-owned Inventory: Merrill takes a unique approach to inventory management by not only managing the inventory, but actually taking over the ownership of your inventory. By relieving your company of the responsibility of managing the inventory, you are able to reassign your resources to your core business, freeing up valuable man-hours and costs that were associated to the management of the inventory.

Merrill then takes this a step further by taking over ownership of your inventory, removing the inventory from your books. This Merrill owned inventory will improve your cash flow and reduce inventory obsolescence. This two-tier approach allows you to focus your energy and your resources on your business, and only your business.

Reporting: Merrill’s robust reporting provides real-time online reporting and quarterly progress meetings so you can stay on top of your marketing efforts. You can track orders and revenues associated with individual products to determine ROI.

Most importantly, Merrill will work with you to identify current and historical trends and accurately forecast usage, in order to better provide the tools and products that are benefiting your company.

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