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Legal Solutions

Expert e-discovery and full litigation support services

key benefits

  • Single source solution, from discovery to trial
  • Expert consulting backed by leading edge technology
  • Global presence with a local presence
Merrill Corporation expertly solves our clients’ litigation support and document management challenges with a full suite of effective tools supported by responsive, efficient professionals. 

Our solutions range from forensic data acquisition through discovery review, and include support services from pre-litigation to post-trial. Merrill has helped 90 percent of the AMLAW 100 and hundreds of the nation’s top corporate law departments to find the critical evidence they need to win cases. Make Merrill your ally in your next matter.

From complaint to case resolution, Merrill offers the quality litigation support tools and expert guidance that free your team to focus on winning your case. We also provide comprehensive international services.

Merrill provides experienced consultants to offer expert guidance on litigation preparedness, data acquisition and litigation support issues. Merrill consultants help you to control custody, spoliation and deadlines as well as reduce your cost and exposure.

Discovery Solutions
Merrill’s discovery solutions help you access, organize and visualize all case-related information cost-effectively, with a full range of solution components and expert case management. Our discovery solutions help you quickly and thoroughly identify, collect and load all relevant data. Merrill’s Web-based review system, Merrill Lextranet®, can then be used as a discovery and case management tool for document collections of all sizes.

Document Review and Translations
We offer experienced, pre-qualified legal professionals for outsourced document review in major markets such as New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as a number of smaller markets.  We also offer extensive legal translation services for sensitive litigation and contractual documentation. Choose from Merrill Discovery Translator, our machine translation solution for pre-discovery translation of large quantities of documents, or more robust certified translations to finalize documents for court submission or filings.

Merrill helps you gain control of the facts quickly and cost-effectively with worldwide court reporting. We provide timely, accurate and cost-effective deposition services anywhere, any time. We deliver timely, accurate transcripts and the latest in realtime transcription and videography services. You can also search across your transcript content together with other discovery content in our Merrill Lextranet review solution.

Document Service Centers
Merrill helps firms to improve outsourcing service levels and reduce operating costs with our nationally-recognized approach to customized solutions. Merrill is recognized as the top provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO) in the country, offering traditional reprographic and office services in addition to on-site litigation support. Learn about Merrill's complete outsourcing solutions.

Merrill offers clients an integrated total evidence management solution. This allows law firms and corporate legal departments to use our tools and expert project management for any or all stages of the litigation life cycle.

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