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Merrill Lextranet

Expert Web-based e-discovery and case management solution

Welcome to Merrill Lextranet® – now you can access, organize and visualize all case-related information cost-effectively, from discovery through trial.

Merrill Lextranet is a single, secure and completely scalable online solution that provides on-demand access for easy review of small or large document collections.
  • Easy-to-use, secure repository allows you to swiftly organize massive quantities of information
  • Personal, customized entry screens highlight hot folders, hot searches, key transcripts, calendars and more
  • Powerful search features accelerate retrieval of vital case information, regardless of type
  • Legal teams can organize, view, code, redact and comment on electronic, image and native files
  • Report on coding productivity and create unlimited custom reports to track progress
  • Tailor and automate the work flow to meet your team’s specific needs

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