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Direct Sellers Solutions

Cost effective, single-source e-store for all of your marketing materials

key benefits

  • Marketing materials via Web-based e-store
  • Personalized materials at competitive prices
  • Brand consistency across the network
  • Your e-store maintained for you by Merrill

Providing your field sales force with corporate-approved marketing and advertising tools is now easier than ever, thanks to BRANDSTORE®, Merrill's convenient marketing e-store solution for direct sellers.

 With our BRANDSTORE program, Merrill provides your company with a corporate-branded marketing e-store, where all your field sales members go to order their marketing materials.

BRANDSTORE's order process is supported by Merrill's integrated front-to-back inventory management system.

Once an order is placed, the entire order process - from creation, approval, production, fulfillment, distribution and shipping of all your marketing and sales materials is managed by Merrill.  You can track every step of the process with the simple click of the mouse.

With BRANDSTORE as your single-source marketing solution, you can support the field with:  

  • Presentation Tools - Empower your field to align your valuable brand with their story.
  • Marketing Tools - Provide your field with the tools to get the proper message to the correct person quickly and economically.
  • Advertising Tools - Enable your field to promote their business with a professional and personal approach.

Best of all, BRANDSTORE requires no internal IT resources or support to launch and is remarkably simple-to-use.  Merrill will set up and maintain your BRANDSTORE for you.  Your field will have immediate, 24/7 access to corporate-approved marketing and advertising materials anywhere the Internet can be accessed.


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